Saturday, May 9, 2009

BYU Rugby Forever: A personal note...

To all the faithful BYU Rugby fans, friends and family out there,

I want to offer a personal note of gratitude and appreciation for all your support as well as reiterate to you my solid commitment to assist in growing BYU Rugby into the top program in the nation.

Not quite a year ago, my younger brother Brett (the youngest of us 4 Clark brothers), left on an LDS mission to Kennewick, Washington... and interestingly enough, it was the first time since the Fall semester of 2000 that not one of us brothers was on the team...

At the time, I was dabbling in the new world of blogging and so decided to create a blog devoted to the BYU Rugby team. I figured that, although past injuries/surgeries had rendered me unable to confidently fill a spot on the team, I could still do my part from the stands... I could truly and undeniably be the #1 BYU Rugby fan out there, encouraging all around me to get excited about and involved in the greatest BYU sport ever!

Over the months since that moment, I have participated in myriad activities to spread the word, to unofficially represent BYU Rugby on the net. I have posted numerous comments on websites, forums, and articles. I have improved the popularity and interactivity of this blog thanks to the help of friends and family. I have pursued opportunities to build interaction with players and fans alike. In my madness, I even transformed the crazy idea of a high-quality highlight video into a reality. All this in the name of promoting BYU Rugby... forever!

Why did I do all this, folks? Why?

I don't know. All I can say is that a desire to support the team in my family's absence caused a strange (r)evolution to occur within me. Desires and wishful thinking converted into action and effort. The result of these, when strongly attached to emotion, was PASSION nigh unto obsession. I wanted people to know, to care, to appreciate, and to
get involved. And the more I did, the more I cared... even to the point that I stopped attributing my efforts to my own name; instead, I became "BYU Rugby Forever."

Now I know that may sound completely nuts, but I just want to say that it was all worth it. It's almost uncanny, almost too good to be called a coincidence. Honestly folks, what were the odds that BYU would win a National Championship this year??? I know I wasn't 100% sure about it... but I was sure that I wanted to push as hard as I could to see that day come, the sooner the better. So say what you will about my craziness... I say it was all worth it. The feelings I felt; the moments I experienced; the friendships and relationships I made... all very worth it!

And perhaps even more remarkable in this whole mess is the fact that I chose to make a highlight video this year of all years... the year when none of my family members were on the team... the year that I could've justifiably gone my way and only showed up at the occasional game... the year that I
really shouldn't have had a central reason to care!

But... for whatever reason, I did choose to care; and that has made all the difference for me... and for you. Yes, for you also, my friends, b
ecause now ALL can enjoy what was the most amazing season ever; ALL will be able to witness the miracle that is BYU Rugby's first-ever National Championship, compliments of BYU Rugby Forever's insane effort to capture it all on video.

Now, although this is the part where I should demand respect and thanks and praise and money, I instead want to offer my thanks. Thank you, first and foremost, to all the BYU Rugby coaches, players, and staff for validating all my efforts and attempts to show the world you are the best. Thank you, to all the fans that have gone to all the games this season, cheered on Our boys, and supported them always. Thank you, to all the fans, friends, and family that have supported me in my efforts to support the BYU Rugby program. And a final thank you, to God for the great privilege and overwhelming opportunity to be a small part of something amazing. Thank you all; I am so humbled by your graciousness.

I can only end here by saying that this is merely the beginning... but you know, we've really got something going here, something great! Call it luck, call it madness, call it whatever you want...

I just say we keep it up and call it, "BYU Rugby Forever"!

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