Saturday, May 9, 2009

BYU vs. San Diego State photos

Lock Kyle Sumsion wraps up the SDSU flyhalf for the tackleJust a few photos to help everyone remember just how intense BYU's Big Four match really was... San Diego State definitely put up a tough one, actually leading BYU 13-5 at the half. Our boys battled back in the second half, however, to shut out SDSU while putting up 26 points; BYU advanced to its 4th-consecutive National Title match with a final score of 31-13. Click the following link for more photos of the BYU Rugby team in Big Four action (courtesy of Paul Meyers):

Big Four: BYU vs. San Diego State

Team Captain & 8-man Steve St. Pierre prepares for contactScrumhalf Shuan Davies mentally preparing for SDSU in the Big Four Winger Sam Thorley opts for a kick on the runCenter Paul Lasike breaks through the SDSU defenseFlanker Nate Maughan reaches across the line-out for possessionCenter Paul Lasike in form for the 22-meter drop kickScrumhalf Shaun Davies runs in space with plenty of BYU supportBYU Rugby - Our boys taking a moment for team prayerScrumhalf Shaun Davies swings through the mist to kick for pointsThe BYU Rugby team focuses on the game ahead as they enter the pitchWinger Manti Su'a surveys the opposition while looking for spaceThe BYU Rugby Super Fans look on as Prop Mikey Su'a throws the ball in the line-outFlyhalf Dylan Lubbe runs with determinationHooker Joey Mount stiff arms an SDSU forward while Flanker Nate Maughan follows in supportFlanker Apenisa Malani and Flyhalf Dylan Lubbe meet the SDSU winger with forceHead Coach David Smyth in a post-game discussion, keeping the BYU Rugby team focusedTeam Captain & 8-man Steve St. Pierre commits his man while looking to offloadThe BYU forward pack gets ready to meet the SDSU scrumFlyhalf Dylan Lubbe shows some sweetness with an inside flick to Center Paul LasikeFlanker Apenisa Malani looks ahead to the SDSU scrumhalf, an SDSU prop in towScrumhalf Shaun Davies evades two SDSU defenders with his classic 'shake and bake' move


  1. So what do you think about the hoops versus the solid jerseys. Hoops are very retro, and some of the great BYU teams of the past wore hoops. Cal always wears hoops and seems to win a lot. On the other hand, solid colors are easier to keep clean and can also be very distinctive. The new Canterbury jerseys have surface treatments at several points on the body (chest, for example) to help one grip the ball. It's not possible to use these with hoops, since the surface treatments are a different color.

  2. I like the hoops. I didn't think I would, but seeing their "debut" at the ESPNU game against Utah converted me. I like the retro look given modern form.

    On the other hand, my high school jersey was solid black, so I'm still partial to solid, dark colors; there's a real statement made by such simplicity. Just look at the All Blacks' jerseys... timeless.


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