BYU Rugby Forever's principal commitment is to increase exposure and recognition of the BYU Men's Rugby team, now and in the future.

BYU Rugby Forever strives to use creative and diverse mediums to fuel this effort while upholding the honor and integrity associated with its unofficial (but inevitable) affiliations, namely, Brigham Young University and the BYU Men's Rugby team.


BYU Rugby Forever is not just another opinion blog; it's so much more:

It's Family, Team, Passion, Emotion, Belief, and Hope ... the Dream.

These are BYU Rugby Forever.

It's not just one lone fan screaming at the top of his or her lungs, rather it is a whole team of them, loyal and devoted Superfans clamoring for the next BYU Rugby victory.

BYU Rugby Forever encompasses a community of raving Superfans that know the power of rugby extends far beyond the pitch and the bleachers, long after the final whistle.

We know rugby to be a more rewarding way of life. It picks you up when you are down. It gives you courage in the face of fear. It compels you to look beyond yourself in benefit of the collective. It strengthens you beyond your capabilities, for the test of rugby transcends all others ... as does its potential.

Rugby harnesses and submits the animal nature in all of us, lifting us closer to our human aspirations.

BYU Rugby is the pursuit of excellence thereof.

And BYU Rugby Forever pushes continually for the successful realization of this pursuit.


The summer of 2008 posed a special dilemma for Scot Clark, an avid fan for life and former player for the BYU Rugby team in 2001. Since the year 2000, not one season had passed by without one of the Clark brothers playing on the BYU Rugby team. The upcoming 2008-2009 season, however, would mean attending games without the fun of cheering on a brother on the field.

Scot's passion for rugby was more powerful than perhaps even he realized at the time, and so instead of turning a blind eye and fading out of the rugby scene, he felt like he could give more in his brothers' absence. Though relegated to the bleachers, he decided to share stories and perspectives regarding the BYU Rugby team on a blog entitled, "BYU Rugby Forever." This effort quickly grew into a platform for sharing media, news, and other updates with BYU Rugby alumni, fans, and friends everywhere.

In 2009, the BYU Men's Rugby team won their first National Championship title. And in an amazing coincidence of timing and opportunity, BYU Rugby Forever simultaneously produced the nation's first high-definition rugby highlight video. Featured were many of the 2009 BYU Men's Rugby season matches as well as their National Tournament match-ups, culminating with their epic win over longtime defending champs, Cal-Berkeley.

Additionally during the 2009 season, BYU Rugby Forever resurrected the iconic, Y-Mountain-style 'Y' on the backdrop of a custom fan shirt. The shirts especially garnered attention from TV cameras and opposing fans during the 2009 National Tournament not only for the ridiculously-large scale of the Y on each shirt but also due to the unrelenting craziness and cheering produced by their wearers: the BYU Rugby Superfans.

Presently, BYU Rugby Forever forges ahead, a pioneering presence in the realm of American collegiate rugby, pursuing a variety of creative means by which to rally new and ardent BYU Rugby Superfans around the program, the sport, and the dream of ultimate rugby glory ...

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