Saturday, May 9, 2009

BYU Rugby: #1 Team, #1 Coach

Well folks, the final rankings have been released for the '08-'09 season, and yep, you guessed it... BYU tops the charts. The only other occasions in which I can recall the BYU Rugby team as having a #1 ranking were earlier this year for a few weeks and for a couple weeks in 2006 (the first year that BYU made it to the final game). Both rankings were awarded by rugby analyst and critic, Alex Goff, whom I actually chided in a previous post for "jumping the gun" so to speak.

Now that hindsight can be claimed by all, however, we can toss aside
all conjectures... and no one can deny the fact that BYU is the #1 team in the nation. Whether they will grow and develop into the #1 program still remains to be seen... but that's a conversation for another time.

2009 was (is still) our year, and so I say, "Let's relish it!"

Check out the final rankings as compiled by (ARN) and (Alex Goff):

"Top 25: BYU best in the country"

"Final 2008-09 Men D1 Top 25"

And that's not all folks... BYU Rugby Head Coach, David Smyth, has been named the "2008/09 ARN College Coach of the Year," a well-deserved honor. Click the following link for Coach Smyth's words upon receiving this recognition:

"Smyth named college coach of the year"

Well... that's that. What do we do now? The BYU Rugby team is #1, and we have no higher recognition left for which to fight, no title claim to defend. We've got it now.

All that's left is to let the fact sink in...

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