Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BYU Rugby: National Champs in the News

More so than ever before, the BYU Rugby team has turned some heads locally and nationally with their National Championship win this past weekend!

Click the following links to see interviews and coverage highlighting the Cougars' epic win (both featuring video footage by our highlight video camera crew):

"BYU Rugby Wins National Championship in Huge Upset" on 2News-KUTV (click on the "Sports" tab)

"BYU Rugby wins national championship" on KSL 5 TV

Oh, and one last little morsel of goodness from California where, at least as they know it, it's the "end of the world":

"It's the End of The World-Until Next Year" from The Daily Californian


  1. YEA BYU BABY!!!

  2. thorley with this hit and then biting an opponent. dirtiest player ever? he doesnt deserve to touch the field. All class from BYU as usual. You arent allowed to hit in the air b/c unlike football people arent wearing pads. to do it intentionally like this is criminal. thorley is a scumbag

  3. I think this Jake guy has a crush on Sam!!! All his comments talk only about Sam and how dirty he is....I think Jake likes it dirty!!! hahahaha

  4. Thanks for the link Jake - that was a sweet picture. Cal is just as dirty - they just hide it better.

    BYURUGBYFOREVER - you are definently making inroads if Cal guys are posting on the site

  5. Ha, thanks Second row...

    With a little luck, we'll permanently gouge into Cal's market share; after all, they've got plenty! :)


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