Saturday, March 21, 2009

ESPNU 'Game of the Week' tickets

My good BYU Rugby friends and fans,

If you are not yet aware, BYU will play Utah at home this coming Friday, March 28th, at 7 PM...

grudge match, however, isn't just the usual rivalry fixture between the Cougars and the Utes... no, this time something bigger is on the line: the chance to show up the opposition on national television!

ESPNU will be airing a tape-delayed broadcast of the match on
April 7th at 7 PM, Mountain Time (assuming the BYU Rugby website has the correct info)... but who among us really wants to wait a week and a half to watch this showdown? Wouldn't you like to be there in person (maybe even get on TV) and cheer on Our boys in a noble display of your fanhood? And all you alumni, wouldn't you like to be there in person to witness the halftime tribute to your part in the BYU Rugby legacy???

I know I'm going to be there... I already went to the Marriott Center ticket office and bought the sweetest seats in the house just for the occasion! But, in talking to some dedicated fans at tonight's match, I realized that many fans not living in Provo (even our vengeful, non-BYU-fan Utes) would rather buy advance tickets online than go through the inconvenience of going to the Marriott Center or waiting in a long line at the gate...

The only problem is... the ticket office website doesn't seem to provide any easily visible or accessible way to buy tickets to the game! Hmmm... a conspiracy against the increasingly popular BYU Rugby team??? Perhaps...

But of course, that is why you need BYU Rugby Forever to save the day! I ran into the same problem when I searched for a means to buy reserved tickets earlier this week... but in checking and bumbling around the website just now, I happened upon the 'hidden' link to end all misfortune:

So there you have it... as long as you are inquisitive enough to have found and perused this blog, you
now have the means necessary to join the 'BYU Rugby Super Fans' (don't worry, you'll see what I mean) at the upcoming ESPNU 'Game of the Week'!

Be there in person to support BYU's greatest sports team as they step briefly into the national spotlight... that extra bit of recognition which we have all been longing and fighting for!

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