Thursday, March 19, 2009

BYU Rugby Fanhood Test #1

Hey BYU Rugby fans! There always comes a time when each and every one of us must 'prove our grit' so to speak... Well, that time is now!

Take a moment, and see if you've got enough BYU Rugby fanhood to pass this little test (no cheating allowed!). Post your answers in a reply to this post (without looking at the answers given by others), and the first person to correctly answer all ten questions will receive a "BYU Rugby Super Fan" shirt, compliments of BYU Rugby Forever.

1. Name at least five players on the current BYU Rugby starting lineup.

In what year was the BYU Rugby team founded?

Name at least one of the BYU Rugby coaches and his nation of origin.

Have you donated to the Cougar Rugby Foundation this year?

5. How many National Tournament appearances (at least Sweet 16) has the BYU Rugby team made in the last five years?

6. How many BYU Rugby matches, home or away, have you attended in the last two years?

7. Do you already have your tickets to the upcoming ESPNU Game of the Week against Utah?

Name at least three All-Americans and one US Eagle that played for the BYU Rugby team.

9. Have you already donated to the BYU Rugby Highlight Video 2009 effort?

Who does the BYU Rugby team play this coming weekend?

If you can confidently and positively answer all these questions, then I congratulate you on being a true BYU Rugby fan of unquestionable fanhood!

If not... well... there's still a chance for you to become converted. Come to a game; check out the BYU Rugby website; or send me a message... everyone can become a BYU Rugby fan!

Now, for those of you who found this test to be too easy... you have my deep respect. I can only ask for your continued support in making BYU the #1 collegiate rugby program in the nation and in converting dozens of fans along the way...

Thank you to all you devoted fans of the BYU Rugby team; may success ever be our goal!


  1. 1. Shaun Davies, Ra Lawrence, Dillon Lubbe, Paul Lasike, Mikey Sua, Mike Price, and so on.

    2. 1962, I think.

    3. Wayne Tarawhiti, New Zealand

    4. Yes

    5. Five

    6. All (both home and away)

    7. No, but I will be there.

    8. Craig Clark (wink), Derrik Smith, Duran Ngakuru, Steve St. Pierre, Eagle: Kimble Kjar, Salesi Sika, Jeff Hullinger

    9. No.

    10. UVU, Boise State

  2. Hmmm... looks like our Anonymous guest got the jump on everybody! Of course, judging by the answers given for questions 6 & 7, I wonder if he or she is part of the BYU Rugby staff!

    Okay, okay; I didn't clarify whether team staff or players could or couldn't take the test, but... let's wait and see some more responses.

    And although your #8 response is spot on (wink), I might just have to wait and see if your answer to #9 changes or if someone else can say yes to it (wink, wink :). Nice job!!!


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