Sunday, March 22, 2009

A seconds' weekend: BYU dominates on all sides!

Folks, I'm giving this weekend to the BYU Rugby secondary for the shows that they put on against UVU, a 108-12... uhhh... what should I call it? ... merciless shellacking?, and against Boise State, an 86-5 drubbing the following day...

Now, while I do have to admit that there were some starters on the field at the beginning of both matches (e.g. Steve St. Pierre and Mikey Su'a), nevertheless they always get a bunch of credit from me anyway... But, as far as I could tell, the second halves of both matches were run completely by BYU's backup players. So let's talk about the seconds here instead!

First on my list: BYU's freshman recruits. Yes, most of us have already heard of Paul Lasike, Kyle Sumsion, and Jordan Lowry... This weekend, however, most all of the other freshmen got to show their stuff with strong performances by Daniel Selman, Dave Rowley, Jace Chambers, Austin Allred, Dexter Allred, Collin Bush, and Taylor Will (did I forget anyone?). Keep up the good work boys, and keep on learning those rugby essentials. We're glad to have so many of you doing so well!

Second: BYU's more experienced secondary. I was happy to see many familiar faces returning to the pitch this weekend, some returning from injury (
e.g. Rob Burton and Sam Thorley) and others just gaining more experience (e.g. Tupu Folau, Moana Hafoka, Sean Howard, Ryan Murri, and Sam Wolthius). Nice job, fellas! Although the gameplay was definitely not the prettiest (especially that of the Boise State match), hopefully it was still a good opportunity to gain experience...

Third and finally: Those playing rugby for the first time.
A pat on the back... Keep at it, and before you know it, rugby will become a part of you! BYU Rugby has a high standard, so you still have a lot to learn... But with sufficient desire and an attitude of optimism, you'll one day get to personally and directly experience a National Tournament as well!

Let's just keep rolling to finish out the season this weekend against Utah and Utah State! Work hard, and tear it up, boys!!!

Leave all the worry about getting the fans pumped up to me... BYU Rugby Forever, I am!!!

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