Saturday, January 31, 2009

BYU Rugby... a couple of hours to #2!

In literally a couple of hours, BYU will face off against Penn State University in the annual Red Rock Tournament. While I must admit I was feeling a little edgy earlier in the week when I found out that Penn State is ranked #2 in the nation, nevertheless I learned that our rival Utes of the University of Utah beat them yesterday 34 to 17. Although Penn State led at halftime by two tries to one, Utah kept fighting and broke them down in the end.

Anyone familiar with the caliber of the BYU and Utah rugby teams can tell you that they both present solid opposition every time they play; I don't think any fan supportive of either team would dispute the fact. This being the case, I think it fair to say that BYU will do just as well as, if not better than, Utah in today's match. Yes, it will be a tough match... but I can't stop stressing the greater depth of new skill on the BYU squad than in previous years (e.g. the reserve team's wins yesterday over Boise State University 60-7 and Snow College 22-0 in back-to-back tests). They will fight it out and win going away...

And then, my friends, it's up to #2 yet again! (Who else would stand in the way?!?!)

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