Sunday, February 1, 2009

A little bit of shock and awe and... well... SMITING!

Where do I begin? The BYU Rugby juggernaut just chewed up and spat out #2-ranked Penn State, 86-14! Wow!!! ... Wow!!! .............. And wow again!!!

And so comes the deluge of inevitable questions...

Was Penn State way overrated? Sure. Is BYU really that good? As sure as anything good. What about #1 Cal Berkeley's massive, 105-3 win on the day over Chico State? Doesn't that ridiculous drubbing carry some kind of implications with it for BYU's National Title hopes??? I'm sure it does... but right now, I surely don't care.

BYU just put the hurt on a Penn State squad that seems to only see an ever-rising point margin in its last five bouts with BYU over the course of five years: on 4/17/05, BYU won by 9 points (44-35); 2/17/06, BYU by 32 points (42-10); 5/5/06, BYU by 49 points (52-3); 5/14/07, BYU by 41 (53-12... okay, so that margin slightly stopped the trend, but humor me a little here); and finally on
1/31/09, BYU takes it away, winning by 72! Ouch! Sorry Lions, but things haven't really been getting much better for you over the years against your Cougar counterparts!

Now, all things considered, don't point the finger at me for mercilessly bragging and snubbing my nose at Penn State...

On the contrary, I maintain a great respect for PSU... truly, I do. They are persistent and competitive enough to be a top-ranked team every year, no questions asked. And besides, BYU has similarly felt the ill effects of increasing point differentials in three years of painful losses to the notorious (is "infamous" any less harsh?) Cal Berkeley Golden Bears... Ughhhh! Bad taste in my mouth just at the thought...

But let's end on a positive note, shall we?

A win is a win, so they say... and, an avalanche is... well... no one really ever survives to say what that's like! (Ok, sorry to all the PSU fans out there; I will cease and desist with my oh-so-not-subtle digs at your expense.)

Best of luck to the Lions throughout the rest of the season, and to our Mighty BYU Cougars, ... ad victoriam et vitam aeternam!


  1. Well...someone's a little happy we won, aren't they? Poor PSU...but GO COUGS! Can't wait for Saturday!

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