Sunday, January 25, 2009

BYU Men's Rugby Highlight Video 2009!

Since last semester, I have been planning with a friend, Ben Thompson, to make a promotional highlight video for the men's rugby team. Ben has experience in making videos and advertisements and actually won a competition for a 30-second promotional piece about the football team that was to air on television. The team staff were so impressed with his work that they subsequently hired him to do additional graphics for the team. In previous discussions with him, I recruited his help in filming and producing an independent highlight film for the BYU Rugby team. He is quite excited to do so and today confirmed that he and a friend of his are fully committed to create this film.

The plan is simply to cover all of the home games, and then create a high quality video using the acquired game film. Ben not only knows what this undertaking entails, but he also has the necessary equipment to do so in a professional manner... basically, this won't be any old, spotty film taken from a stop-start camcorder. Rather, Ben has camera cranes and other professional tools to do all filming in High Definition, and, thereafter, all the necessary computer programs to do precision editing. The product will be quite amazing, my friends, I assure you.

With this video, the team will then have an effective marketing tool, easily reproducible and distributable. Players, coaches, friends, and fans everywhere will be able to purchase a DVD copy to see the success of the team on a scale never-before-realized. Publicly, the video will be posted on this blog and other media outlets, such as The exposure and attraction that this video will generate will significantly boost all current efforts to reach a higher level of respect and support for the BYU Men's Rugby team.

As the plan is to produce this video independent of the team staff and any team funds, a set price of $20.00 for a DVD copy of the film or $50.00 for a copy in Blu-ray will aid in covering production costs. While Ben would usually charge upwards of $40.00 per hour to work on such a project, he has agreed to lower his fees due to his high level of personal excitement and desire; these given prices per copy will attempt to cover his fees.

However, I personally feel that extra means should be provided to compensate him in this effort, regardless of his good will and charitable attitude. I would be pleased if any of you, my friends, similarly assisted in compensating Ben's efforts. All funds will go directly to Ben to pay for the needed film and materials as well as for the extensive hours required in editing.

And after all is said and done, we will be privileged to witness the intensity of the BYU Men's Rugby team in action like never before...

Please email me if you would like to receive the first ever, high quality BYU Men's Rugby Highlight Video; my email address is listed as the first comment if you click the "Comments" link below.


  1. Well written Scot...."almost thou persuadest me" to contribute, but alas my bank account doth not permit it at the moment! I will keep it in mind though...I just gave my token $25 to the BYU Annual fund...they keep hounding me. Anyway, perhaps I will take my 25 elsewhere...and dump it into BYU Rugby!! yay! heehehehe!

  2. Wow- that is gonna be really intense. I'm pretty excited; but yet, I've decided the reason why I'm not 100% converted to BYU Rugby yet- I HAVEN'T BEEN TO ONE GAME! So...WHEN you remember to, write me and tell me when the next game is. THEN I will be a converted fan ;)

  3. I looked around on youtube for some college rugby highlight reels and on a bunch of the major college rugby team's sites. The best i could find was psu's:

    From the looks of it though I think the BYU reel will blow everything out there out of the water.

  4. That is the definitely the expectation, Yfan... we want a highlight reel that truly emulates the great success of the team.


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