Sunday, January 3, 2010

BYU Rugby Memories: Jenilyn Su'a

Memory # 1: Being a BYU Rugby fan is NOT something to take lightly. The players become your family (no literal sense intended, haha). When THEY win...YOU win....winning is an amazing feeling. Scoring a try is an even more amazing feeling...winning AND scoring a try FOR the win will not only blow your mind (because of the awesomeness that lies therein) but it is also something that never really leaves your memory.

As it happened, ESPNU was covering this particular game; talk about pressure. It was a cool evening, perfect weather for a good, intense rugby game. The bleachers were jammed with people...people were overflowing onto the sidewalks and walk ways....tensions were high. The game went well...BYU was synchronic, completely in tune with one another.

With about 9.5 seconds left in the game, the backs gained possession of the ball. 20 meters out, the backs attacked!... The ball is passed to fullback Sam Thorley; Thorley passes to winger Manti Su'a; Manti Su'a SCORES!!!!!!! What a "try-umphant" feeling! The crowd goes wild. What a hum digga of a game! This boychi scores, wins the game, and puts BYU on the ESPNU map (along with his fellow teammates)...wowzers.....can I get an autograph?

Memory #2: Mikey Su'a is TWICE the size now than when he played his rookie year. In this memory, I rejoice not only in his cat-like reflexes but also in his brute strength. In this particular season, Mikey had developed cauliflower ear and had just undergone (conscious) surgery. This game was against Utah State (I think)....I have attached pictures to portray what a stalwart player this kiddo really is...... (please refer/look at order)

That moment was SO amazing to witness. He takes TWO really hard hits to his upper around the neck (one day after his surgery), and still he manages to score. To see someone you know who worked so hard to get so see that happen for them is such a fulfilling feeling that you can't help but be proud, humbled, excited, ecstatic, joyful, relieved, I-told-you-so, jump-up-and-down-so-hard-you-get-a-headache, blessed, and delighted all in the same emotion.

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