Sunday, January 3, 2010

BYU Rugby Memories: Drew and Teresa Allred

Our son TJ Allred joined the BYU Rugby Team in January 2007. He completed his mission in June of 2009 and is now with the team again. Our favorite moment in BYU Rugby history is simple. We were able to attend the round of 16 in Oakland in April 2007 and watch him play. It was an absolute thrill to see him dressed in Cougar blue, as my wife and I are BYU alumni.

Just prior to kickoff before the Wyoming game, I was nestled behind the trees (taking pictures) where the cougars were preparing to enter the field. Then to my surprise, I heard the young men sing the primary song "Nephi's Courage" and the words "We have been born of goodly parents"....touched me beyond description.

As I reflect upon this moment, tears come to eyes. That was exactly what our dear son needed. We were so impressed by the quality of young men. They treated him so well. I must say that it was Craig Clark who really took our son under his wing. We will ever be grateful to him and to the others.


  1. Great to hear some of the thoughts from team members parents.

    Have you seen the Invictus movie? You should go see it. I thought they showed better rugby scenes than Forever Strong. Hopefully rugby will get more attention in more movies.

  2. Yes, I did see Invictus. Great movie.

    And yes, getting rugby some love in the USA is what we're all about!!!


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