Monday, September 14, 2009

BYU Bookstore sells out of BYU Rugby DVD, honors BYU Rugby Team

Well folks, if you've been trying to get your hands on a copy of the BYU Rugby 2009 DVD from the BYU Bookstore in the last week or so, chances are you haven't had much luck! I even tried to go pick up a copy myself, and they said that the video had sold out and was probably on order... fancy that! Maybe some people out there do like this rugby thing after all!

And as an added treat for BYU Rugby fans and friends living in close proximity to Provo, you may want to come to campus and take a moment to check out the BYU Bookstore display case in the Wilkinson Center... looking very picturesque if I do say so myself!

BYU Bookstore display honoring the 2009 National Championship BYU Rugby Team
On display are some team photographs, jerseys, the Wasatch Cup and National Championship trophies, autographed rugby balls, and (my personal favorite) the ESPNU version of the Title Match against Cal Berkeley continually playing on a TV! The display case is located in a high-traffic spot where unsuspecting students and passers by can't help but stop to watch The Miracle again and again!

BYU students and visitors are easily drawn to the 2009 Collegiate National Championship match on TV, featuring BYU's miracle win over CalBYU Rugby, folks... it's catching on... maybe faster than we think! (Oh, and a few more National Titles would help!)


  1. That is great! That is the absolute best stop right in front of the cafeteria, right?

    Hopefully the season starts soon so it takes on even more meaning. Maybe they can put the game schedule flyer out there too?


    A college rugby promo video featuring plenty of BYU players

  3. Awesome! Thank you, my Anonymous friend!

    I will have to do a post featuring the clip.

  4. Regarding the games schedule flyer mentioned by RebeckerOnline:

    While the final schedule is still in a bit of flux, I can tell you that BYU won't have any official home games until the first week in March. If you live in St. George or Las Vegas, we will be playing in the Red Rocks tournament (sort-of, meaning that it's sort-of a tournament) in late January and in the College section of the tournament held in connection with the USA 7s in Las Vegas in early February.

    Rumor has it that the venue in St. George will be improved from previous years and that in Las Vegas we intend to play 2 games against ranked teams.

    We hope to have BYUTV broadcast at least 2 and hopefully more home games this season. Since the National Guard sponsorship agreement with USA Rugby is up in the air, it's unclear if there will be an ESPNU home game this year.

    This year BYU will feature a home and home series with Utah with the first game to be held in very early March, for the Wasatch Cup at South Field. The second game will be played, at least tentatively, at Rio Tinto Stadium, since Utah's new home field (to be shared with the Soccer teams, ala BYU) will still be under construction in late March when the game is scheduled.

    We plan to print a BYU Rugby poster with the season schedule on it during November or December. Anyone care to be a Logo sponsor for the poster?

    On a second front, we're planning to print a sizable printing (say 5,000) posters celebrating the national championship. We're currently interviewing potential sponsors for that poster as well. If a contact of yours would like to participate, contact Paul Meyers at BYU Rugby office.


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