Thursday, July 16, 2009

BYU Bookstore Offers BYU Rugby Highlight DVD

PROVO, Utah– The BYU Bookstore has acquired the right to sell the recently-released BYU Rugby 2009 Highlight Video.

"I think the quality of the video really speaks for itself," said Scot Clark, executive producer and author of the BYU Rugby Forever blog. "Only three days after dropping off a preview copy to the bookstore's media-purchasing representative, I received a purchase order in my email inbox."

The video contains approximately 70 minutes of total footage, originally captured in high-definition. Featured are nearly 30 minutes of highlight segments from the BYU Rugby team's home games as well as from their national tournament matches.

Bonus footage includes an "uncut" version of the 2009 National Title match as well as a preview trailer.

DVD copies are immediately available through the BYU Bookstore's campus location in Provo, Utah, and online via the BYU Bookstore website ( for a retail price of $19.99. Payment methods, shipping costs, and more BYU Bookstore information can be found by CLICKING HERE.

BYU Rugby Forever is a pioneering presence in the internet realm of American collegiate rugby. BYU Rugby Forever's principal commitment is to increase exposure and recognition of the BYU Men's Rugby team, now and in the future. For more details, visit


  1. Very cool! I'm going to order more of them. So, if they have the right to sell, do you no longer have the right?

  2. No, we still have the right... we made the whole product after all :)


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