Monday, August 3, 2009

BYU Rugby on BYU TV International

Just recently, the folks at BYU Television International put together a brief story highlighting the BYU Rugby team's National Championship win using footage shot by our guys, Ben Thompson and Micah Brown, for the BYU Rugby 2009 highlight video. Ben informed me of their desire to do the piece, and we were fortunate to acquire this six and a half minute video clip of the final product!

Also featured is an interview with 2009 All-American and BYU Rugby Forever Anchor Award winner, Apenisa Malani. Although all the commentary in this clip is actually in Portuguese, Apenisa's responses weren't dubbed over... so you can pretty much guess the questions that he was asked. Congrats to Apenisa.

So there you have it, friends... BYU Rugby has made some international news after all!!! (ok, at least in those countries where Portuguese is understood)


  1. Great post Scot, There is a Spanish version as well but we were only allowed one version. The editor speaks Portuguese, so that's the one we got.


  2. That is awesome! Each of these builds on the other, right? Great recruiting tool!


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