Thursday, August 6, 2009

BYU Rugby 2009 Highlight Video Reviews


"This DVD is a must-get, not just for BYU players, coaches and fans, but for anyone who's into college rugby. Scot Clark and his colleagues have done a wonderful job in documenting the Cougars' remarkable run to the national championship and are to be congratulated for their efforts. Apart from the attractive rugby that BYU played en route to their first ever national title, I like how this DVD makes you feel as though you know the guys a little better. It also helps you understand what drove them throughout the season. Well done to all concerned."

-Brian Lowe, Publisher/Managing Editor, American Rugby News

"I got my BYU Rugby Forever DVD and it’s a lot of fun. No talk really, just music and highlights of games. Maybe needed a few stats and scores, but it’s dramatic and nicely pieced together.

"I personally found the DVD really enjoyable. It wasn't intended to be a piece of video journalism; rather it was supposed to evoke something just by showing the action, and it did that. You got to feel the physicality and appreciate the skill of the players, and it was just plain fun. ..." (as quoted in "Running Touch: All About the Movies")

-Alex Goff, Editor-in-Chief, eRugbyNews

“BYU Rugby is filmed in top quality HD, the first of it’s kind for a rugby documentary. The footage is raw and full of excitement. A perfect season for BYU, capped by the nail-biting win against Cal in the National Championship, is captured well by Scot and his camera crew.

"Full of big hits and great plays, this DVD is not just for BYU fans; it’s for all those that follow and play rugby.”

-Trenton Yackzan, Co-Founder, rugbyUNITED

"The BYU Men's Rugby Highlight Video of 2009 is a true milestone for BYU Rugby. This video is proof that BYU Rugby is no longer just an afterthought. Rugby is no longer the sport played on some field somewhere on campus— Rugby is finally a followed, well-known sport at BYU. This video is the first of its kind for BYU Rugby and represents the culmination of years of hard work to bring rugby to prominence in the BYU community.

"It was only recently that BYU Football even started to release a highlight video after the season. Any sport on the same level as football at BYU must be doing something right. Scot Clark, the producer, is a die-hard, true-blue BYU Rugby fan, and it looks like he won't rest until everyone in Provo is too! After watching the video, I have to say, his evangelizing has made a convert out of me!

"BYU is now a national powerhouse in rugby, and this video gives you a glimpse of their rise to the national championship this year. If you are a fan of BYU Rugby, you would be crazy not to get this video! The camera work is amazing and gives you the same energy as if you were right there at the game! This video is a top notch production and will likely inspire many more for years to come. Hail to the highlights!"

-Daniel Deceuster, Founder, College Football Cafeteria


"We just got the chance to finally watch the highlight video. It was amazing!!!!! What a wonderful job you did. We couldn't get over the picture clarity and the number of clips and highlights included. Every rugby fan should have a copy. Thanks for all of your time and efforts."

-Cheryl St. Pierre, CO

"I got my DVD today as well as Blu-Ray. I watched the DVD with the family immediately. We were all in awe of the action, the music, the footage, and the proper culmination of a championship season. If you don't have a copy, well... you are truly missing out. I have not seen anything this good put out for any BYU sport and definitely nothing like it in USA rugby anywhere, period. Awesome work, and if it gets out like I'm sure it will, expect this team of filmographers and their producer to be getting some calls."

-Alma Christopher Clark, IL

"The video was put together so well! The highlights, the music, the timing, everything was perfect! I wasn't there to watch the actual championship, but the video does such a good job at bringing back the emotions that were there. I love it and never get tired of watching it!"

-Amanda Hallsted, UT

"The video was exciting and included good music and footage. I had never followed rugby before, but the video made me want to see more games. Quality production."

-Greg Flint, CO

"It was SWEET. The music and the video together, it just made you want to be out there on the field with the guys passing the ball, taking hits, and scoring."

-Eric Vincent, CA

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  1. Your link does not work to order the DVD!

  2. Rob,

    You may order the DVD directly through this blog or through the BYU Bookstore.

    At this point, there are very few copies available, and so the PayPal account for this site has been closed to ensure DVD availability upon request.

    You may email to order the DVD, or you may order it online through


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