Monday, March 16, 2009

BYU Rugby wallops Wyoming

A perfect, crisp spring evening... A fresh, new pitch... A new stadium packed near capacity... Last Saturday represented every BYU Rugby player's dream come true. And the team certainly rose to the occasion, decisively thrashing #22 Wyoming, 73-3.

Only one word can describe the BYU Rugby team's routing of Wyoming: RELENTLESS! Again, there was talk that the opponent of the week might put up a fight. After all, they had beaten Utah in the preseason, 24-20, and had put up 37 points on #1-ranked Cal Berkeley this season (no one else has put up more than 20 so far). Nevertheless, BYU again removed all doubt with a decisive victory over a ranked team... the victim of the week being Wyoming.

As always, I must still give credit to the opposition where it's due. Wyoming, in spite of a sad first half, managed to stifle a number of BYU scoring attempts in the second half. Kudos to their defense for not giving up; BYU has tended to rip opponents wide open in the second half, running up the score as the defense crumbles. Wyoming, however, rallied in the second half and actually fended off many of BYU's frequent threats to keep the scoring more balanced than in previous matches.

Another credit goes to Wyoming for actually showing up to play as planned... I can't offer the same to Penn State or Colorado who both backed out of their commitment to play BYU on short notice. Both good programs? Yes... but every team has to take a few on the chin every once in a while. Just suck it up and take it (ask the BYU football team; they know what I mean!).

Finally, the majority of my praise goes to Our boys for putting on a great show in their first South Field appearance. No slow start this time, folks... No siree! BYU started the scoring quickly like never before (the scoreboard clock showed approximately 37:30, i.e. only about two and a half minutes had elapsed). And, drawing upon my previously mentioned buzzword, the BYU team as a whole was relentless in their offensive attack of the Wyoming line. It seemed like all the players were running the ball and driving it downfield throughout the entire match. I don't know if the high energy level was due to the new, hypnotic striped jerseys, excess of fans, or what exactly, but the players did not let up at any time.

Perhaps this over anxiousness was also their only weakness. A number of dropped balls from bad passes and knock-ons, as well as a fair amount of penalties, nullified several fast-paced drives that would have run up the score nearer to one-hundred points! But the BYU defense obviously didn't allow much retaliation anyway (not that Wyoming ever got to the point of formulating a solid attack). So, oh well, maybe this weekend against UVU or Boise State we will see an even more ridiculous score...

Good work fellas; that was one of the most exciting home games I have attended in a long time (the crowd of almost 2,000 people definitely added to the ambiance!). Just keep it up and, before you know it, we'll all be heading back to the Big Dance for the fourth year in a row!


  1. I expect that the scores will not be so high this weekend, since BYU will be playing a mixed side against division 2 opponents. The 2nd XV already put up a rather big number against Boise State in St. George, and UVU will probably also play a mixed side against us (maybe even their second team), since they have a rather important Pacific Coast playoff game the next day.

  2. Good to note... I'm sure BYU will look on this weekend as more of an opportunity to get some playing time for its secondary than anything else.

    Thanks for the insight.


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