Friday, March 13, 2009

BYU Rugby... #1 in the Nation???

As I consider myself the BYU Rugby team's #1 fan, one might expect me to be 'over the top' biased, unceasingly touting the team's greatness and status as the #1 team in the country...

I do believe that the day when BYU rises to #1 is soon at hand... but, I am nevertheless realistic in my hopes and perhaps am even more critical of the team than the average fan. Until that glorious day comes, Cal Berkeley continues to sit comfortably atop the college rugby throne, 24 of the last 29 National Titles under its belt.

This season looks to be no different, in terms of national rankings, than the previous few years: BYU has ascended to and maintained the #2 position behind Cal. Both teams have strong schedules and have put up solid point margins over their opposition. Nothing new there.

Now take yesterday's bold headline on "DI Top 25 - New Men's No. 1: BYU jumps above Cal after a superb result against Utah."

All I can say is, "Come on Goff, are you serious?" "What's the motivation for making such a rash claim?" "BYU at #1? Honestly???" Brother, if you're just trying to make a splash, well... you did!

I'm afraid I can't award Alex Goff ( author) any brownie points on this one. Unsubstantiated sensationalism doesn't mean much to those who have any glimpse of the real picture. Just take a look at's most recent Top 25; hmmm, I'm not seeing any crazy claims up there at the top of their list...

So why the #1 ranking, Mr. Goff? Are you privy to some news tidbit that no one else has yet uncovered? Did the whole starting lineup for Cal die in a plane crash or what??? Please do tell those of us still grounded here on planet Earth this big revelation of yours!!!

I think I speak for many fans in saying instead, "thanks, but I prefer seeing things as they really are." The fact is that, since 2006, Cal has solidly held the #1 seat in the nation, and BYU has similarly held the #2 seat... no questions asked.

So what will it take for BYU to grab the #1 ranking in the future? Well folks, it's not rocket science... BYU just needs to beat Cal, plain and simple. Then nobody, not even a misguided rugby critic, will be able to claim otherwise... and until that day arrives, we faithful fans will keep hoping and praying and supporting Our boys of the BYU Rugby team... BYU Rugby Forever!


  1. I agree. I'm not sure what Alex has in mind with this. Alex also ranked the 2006 team (that lost by 3 to Cal in the final) as number one going into the final four. Jack Clark was even saying that that team was in another category than his own (he played the age card in that interview as well).

    I think I would rather see us ranked 2 than 1 until we beat Cal.

  2. Indeed... I just recently watched a CSTV recap video of the 2006 Final ( and was reminded of how close the match actually was. Depending on who you ask, BYU should have won going away if not for shoddy reffing.

    So Alex was more justified then than now, especially given BYU's amazing talent and massive point margins (a 10:1 average ratio) that season.

    BYU's current squad again boasts great talent and a current scoring margin of nearly 6:1(501 points to 89). So, we're certainly doing well, but yes... we must wait until we again meet Cal in the final.

  3. Perhaps he was trying to take the positive mental attitude approach. If BYU sees themselves as not getting past 2nd, they won't get past it. Of course, I have no idea who this Alex guy is and so I don't know where his devotion sways.

    Am I wrong in saying that BYU played well in the championship games (the past couple of years) until they got to the final Cal-Berkley game. They would suddenly fall apart for no reason. They didn't even look like the same team when they played Cal-Berkley.

  4. The last thing BYU needed was for Cal to have extra motivation. The last thing they needed was for the best team in the country to be able to play the disrespect card.

    Though BYU should ignore this. Concentrate on pack fitness and scrumming and staying out of the sin bin. Do that and maybe a chance.

  5. Not to make excuses, but the team last year sustained several key injuries in the semi-final (broken thumb, broken nose, sprained ankle, torn MCL, etc.) Also, Shaun Davies, the first string scrum half was recovering from a broken hand and only played half of the game. That said, Cal was a wonderful team last year. They would have beat us if we were healthy, but running on 3 cylinders made it much worse.

  6. Please give us a preview on Wyoming. I have a feeling that BYU may look past this potential powerhouse.

  7. I agree with all of your comments; BYU really did have a tough go of it last year but hopefully will be in better shape this year.

    And perhaps the most important thing, to Alma's and MIkey's points, is that the BYU Rugby team continue to focus on their task at hand. Wyoming actually beat Utah in the preseason, 24-20, and so far is the only team to put up more than 20 points on Cal this season (37 to Cal's 61). So, tonight's match might actually present more of a challenge than the Wasatch Cup... good luck to Our boys!

    Thanks for all the great comments, and please keep them coming.

  8. if lasike is 19 then im a unicorn

  9. Well jack, he might actually be 18... I'll have to check on that.

    But take a look in the mirror... that alicorn of yours might have just grown another inch!

  10. 18. thats just absurd! He is a D1 running back. How did BYU manage to keep him in rugby? And I heard he is in the junior All Black program? Will he be playing in the u20s?

  11. Wow, you are obviously more 'in the know' on this one than I am, Jack...

    I'll have to ask around and see; I just know that the boy can run and score!

  12. Lasike is 18. He won't be 19 until June or July. He just put in his mission papers this last week. He is of pure Tongan heritage, though his family on both sides migrated 2 generations back (grandfathers) to New Zealand. I'm pretty sure he won't be playing anything for the USA, since his ambitions are to play for the All Blacks.

    I hear that the football team has indeed expressed interest in him for after his mission. As I understand it, he has never played in a real HS or college football game.

    I hope that the spirit sends him back to us after his mission rather than back home to NZ.
    He's a terrific young man and one heck of a rugby player. I assume he'd also make a heck of a D1 football player.


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