Monday, September 29, 2008

Another unexpected milestone reached

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to assist BYU's structural engineer, and architect, in the drafting of plans and details for a new stadium at South Field. The new bleachers, ticket office, and main entry were primarily intended for the benefit of the increasingly popular BYU Women's Soccer program. There was talk that the Men's Soccer and Lacrosse teams might also be able to use the new facility once in a while, but I never heard anything official...

Today, an article posted on the BYU Men's Rugby website stated that, "the BYU rugby program announced today the team would be moving to the newly renovated South Field for the upcoming 2009 season."

I am quite pleased at this news... at the prospect of a legitimate site, in look, feel, and scale, for the BYU Rugby team. Actually, I am still in disbelief, but perhaps it was providence since BYU Rugby's biggest fan helped in the drafting of the plans.

Regardless of the truth, there is no doubt that the BYU Men's Rugby team deserves this privilege. I have always talked up BYU Rugby to my work colleagues, and I recall telling them that some day there would be a rugby stadium at BYU.

Be careful what you wish for, right?

Well folks, no more portable bleachers at Helaman Field; the new stadium boasts permanent seating for over 2,000 people, every seat and bench of which has back support and is positioned to allow a good view. And with an awesome new entrance and grandstand in BYU blue, what a sweet backdrop for fans and players alike to enjoy the dynamic sport of rugby, the game of the gods!

That's not all... according to the article, "some of BYU's 2009 home games will be broadcast on BYU Television which is broadcast into over 48 million homes via satellite ... and internet streaming." Wow! When it rains, it really pours!

I can only continue to express my thanks to the coaching staff for their efforts to build the image and presence of BYU Men's Rugby and to the players for their consistent effort to excel and build upon the program's growing national and international reputation. More appropriately, I bend my knees and head in gratitude to God. I mean no sarcasm nor self-righteousness in this statement; rather, having been involved in rugby on the high school and collegiate levels, I know that any player or coach anywhere in the nation would feel overwhelmed if given the opportunity to have a real stadium and real television exposure for his or her program. 'Tis a great blessing indeed... and with it grow my hopes for this upcoming season. Go Cougars!!!


  1. I thought it was cool and amazing too because I never heard you guys talk about there being a new stadium and then ....wa-la!

  2. Hey that's pretty cool and the fields look great ~ Way to go!

  3. I believe a hearty salute is in order for this great news!

  4. Where have the posts been? You should keep writing. I think this is great stuff!

  5. I am a big fan of BYU Rugby, so please understand that I point this out with all due respect. For clarification, BYU Men's Soccer spearheaded the fundraising efforts and construction of the newly renovated South Field, and all other programs can and should thank them for such. Men's soccer is not just going to be allowed to use it "once in a while". If you take a close look at the pictures that you posted on this very blog, you will see that BYU Soccer is written on all of the banners and flags, and the athletes on the entrance are also BYU Men's Soccer players.


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