Monday, September 15, 2008

Turning it up a few notches

So only a few minutes before publishing my previous post, the 2008 roster for the Men's team was posted on the BYU website along with commentary on various transfer players and new recruits. Looks like the team now boasts a sizable roster with much more depth and potential than previously thought. Not that all of my comments were completely overruled by the article, but the BYU team has definitely expanded more so than I perceived.

I was especially impressed to see the wide range of freshmen players that already have some quality experience to bring to the table. Perhaps BYU will increase in depth as a program to rival that of Cal Berkeley sooner than expected. I give credit to the coaching staff for their foresight and obvious effort to recruit more widely than I have ever witnessed. In fact, the recruiting efforts of only the last two or three years represented a big advance over previous years; BYU was even able to offer some scholarship assistance to a player or two. Yet, these efforts only resulted in the acquisition of a couple players a year. This year, in terms of recruiting, represents a great milestone for the BYU Men's Rugby team: 8 freshmen recruits, 3 transfer players, and a handful (perhaps two handfuls) of 'walk-ons' from tryouts.

Wow! Just when doubt would try to creep in, BYU recruiting yields dividends above and beyond those of any previous season! And think about the repercussions for recruiting in the future if BYU again debuts in the National Championship match!

No doubts anymore, my friends. Things are on the up for our team... now we must simply wait to witness the new team in action, to witness the beast devouring its prey.

I will add any posts of relevance before that time comes... but until then, kudos to the BYU Men's Rugby team coaches and staff for turning it up a few in anticipation of this upcoming season. The rest of us can breathe easy while your work has only just begun!


  1. Scot, For your birthday I will try to send you to the BYU Rugby dinner along with the help of a few siblings. Take a camera with you and write a post detailing the event.

  2. It's Dan, posting under an alias...haha.

    Dude, you rank 3rd under "BYU mens rugby" right now! Sweet!


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