Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hey BYU Rugby fans, the 2011 Rugby World Cup is nearly done and decided with no less than a total of 48 test matches between September 9th and October 23rd to determine the next World Champion!!! It's been a veritable smorgasbord of the highest-level rugby you and I have ever seen, and it's now into the semifinals this weekend!!!

Of course, you may not have been willing or able to go to New Zealand to see any of the matches in person (though I personally recommend the trip!) ... And you probably haven't been keen to stay up til the wee hours of the morning just to watch a match live as it unfolds halfway around the world ...

Whatever the case may be, not to worry mates! We've got you covered!!! Here in the US you might think you have to go to and pay some premium amount just to watch your favorite match-up, but in fact, you can simply go to the Rugby World Cup 2011 Video page and find match highlights and FULL match replays (only 72 hours delayed for the US) for the price of FREE. Thank you, IRB!

To avoid making this sound too much like an advertisement, here's the real message: This is a great opportunity for Rugby Players, Coaches, Fans, and Everyone everywhere (especially throughout the US) to elevate our Rugby Education to the next level. 

As an avid fan and follower of rugby, I've often heard different critiques, concerns, and excuses with regard to the development of the sport here in the United States over the last decade. All it really amounts to is a lack of commitment and willingness to pay the ultimate price for success on the highest level. In other words, whining and complaining does not even weigh in the balance in comparison to the offering of real time, money, service and support requisite for advancement. And even more importantly, none of these efforts amount to anything unless an elevated level of rugby expertise and education are in place. 

Whoever you are, whatever your means or circumstances, here's the perfect opportunity to advance your rugby knowledge. Pick a match to watch, listen to the commentators' and the referees' observations, and of course, take a moment to analyze and make your own observations. If you're going to learn Rugby in any detail, why not learn it from the Pros who continue to redefine the sport with every passing day??? 

WATCH: Rugby World Cup 2011 Videos 


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