Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear BYU Rugby ...

Dear BYU Rugby,

In celebration of your overly-successful, 'SoCal Weekend of Destruction', I couldn't help but watch some rugby to get the blood flowing! Sadly, since the east coast remains quite a distance from the west (and since I've seen every BYU Rugby video ever posted on the web), I had to go foraging to find something new to gnaw on ... And boy, oh boy, did I find a sweet one for you!

Watch on YouTube: Heineken Cup 2009 - Quarter-Final - Harlequins vs. Leinster

View this video (yes, it's a full, 80-minute match on YouTube!), and you will see top level rugby in full form, an offensive barrage equally held at bay by stellar defensive stands on both sides. It's all there: the tactical kicking game, the forwards' phase ball, the effective line-out, the end-goal defense, the backs' passing play, solid scrummaging, quality tackling, tight rucking, quick ball, and collective support all around. Are you there yet, BYU Rugby? I hope so ... because this season is yours for the taking!

After watching this video, even the first-time spectator would have a hard time denying the incredible and highly competitive nature of the game ... truly, an amazing test, representative of the high expectations held by true-blue rugby fans everywhere. Your ultimate goal, BYU Rugby, is to give all your efforts for that higher level of play, that extra intensity that defines you as champions.

We the fans will be there. We will support you. We will energize you. We will cheer you on to victory after victory. You are Our Hope, Our Pride, Our Team. We expect the best, for you, BYU Rugby, are the best.

Congratulations on a great start to the season, and we hope to see a whole lot more where that came from!!! Go Cougars!!!

Yours faithfully,


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