Saturday, October 31, 2009

BYU Rugby vs. UVU Scrimmage: Round 2

Okay, I must apologize once again for the ultra short notice here, but I just barely heard about this less than a day ago and have been quite busy...

BYU and UVU will face off once again at 11:30 AM TODAY!!!

(That's actually in 20 minutes... Sorry, but I'm hoping at least some Twitter folk will hear about it and show up)

Round 2 of the slopfest will take place at UVU's field this time, at the north end of their campus. I'll keep you posted on how it goes, folks... sorry about the completely short notice.


  1. The next story should be on what the US college rugby association is about. Coach Smyth signed BYU up for it. What's it mean? What's it going to do? Sounds like a great move. Can't wait for details.

  2. Whats this US College Rugby Association about? Coach Smyth signed BYU up for it. Sounds like college rugby is taking control of college rugby. Sounds great. Cant wait for details!

  3. Coach Smyth is out of the country for a few weeks (in Ireland). So far as I can tell from things posted on the Internet, none of the coaches that are charter members have been willing to talk on the record, since they don't want to speak for the organization until it actually meets. I'm not sure who has authority as a spokesman for the group. We may have to wait for awhile to hear from the coaches themselves.

    Meanwhile, Coach Jack Clark (no relation to BYU Rugby Forever Clark), though not a signer or participant for that matter, seemed to be all for it as a concept to stir the pot in college rugby and maybe make something happen. To hear the podcast, go to American Rugby News and choose the latest College podcast.

  4. Thanks always for the insight, Paul... and for that clarification! ;)

    And I also think the USCRA would be a great idea for the same reason. We'll see what develops...

  5. Here's the link to the original article concerning the USCRA:

    And the link to the podcast mentioned by Paul:

    "Collegetalk #6"

  6. There were two more podcasts on ARN this week. The more interesting one was the one with John McNamara All American team manager, talking about the USCRA. Also on the podcast was Nigel Melville from USAR.


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