Monday, June 15, 2009

BYU Rugby 2009 Highlight Video Completed

PROVO, Utah– The nation's first-ever, high-definition collegiate rugby highlight video, featuring footage of the 2009 National Champion BYU Cougars' undefeated season, has passed through the final stages of completion.

"The sport of rugby is still relatively unknown in the US," said Scot Clark, author of the BYU Rugby Forever blog and primary project sponsor. "We wanted to create an easily accessible and highly visual means for people to experience just how amazing [rugby] is, especially as played here at BYU."

The video contains nearly 30 minutes of highlights from the Cougars' home games as well as from their national tournament matches in Atlanta, Georgia, and Palo Alto, California, respectively. Bonus footage includes an "uncut" version of the 2009 National Title match in which BYU staged a stunning upset over former national champion, Cal Berkeley.

Filming, editing, and graphics for the video project were realized as a joint effort between videographers, Ben Thompson and Micah Brown. "I was new to filming rugby, so I didn't really know what to expect at the start of the season," said Thompson. "But Micah and I got to know and love the sport pretty quick, and so the video came together nicely as a result." Over the course of 8 home games and 4 tournament games, Thompson and Brown logged nearly 24 hours of raw footage to create the final product.

DVD and Blu-ray duplication is set to take place in Salt Lake City within the coming week.

To obtain a copy of the BYU Rugby 2009 Highlight Video, payment may be submitted online at Alternate methods of payment can be arranged by emailing DVD copies are available for the price of $20, and Blu-ray (high-definition) copies are available upon request for $50, shipping costs included. Supplies are limited.

BYU Rugby Forever is a pioneering presence in the internet realm of American collegiate rugby. BYU Rugby Forever's principal commitment is to increase exposure and recognition of the BYU Men's Rugby team, now and in the future. For more details, visit


Scot Clark
BYU Rugby Forever


  1. Scot-tay! This is great. I will have to order a few more copies. Perhaps everyone will get them for Christmas this year.

    Great marketing! Go Rugby! and all that stuff.

  2. saw the dvd and loved it! is there an "extended version" available? it wasn't as long as I expected, but still awesome! go BYU!!

  3. No extended version, but there is bonus footage on the DVD. Maybe you didn't get to see it.

    In addition to the 30 minutes of match highlights, the bonus footage includes the minute and a half video trailer as well as a 40 minute version of the Title Match against Cal.

    Thanks for the compliments!

  4. I got the videos today. Now, I just need technology that plays the Blu-Ray. Haaa. I'll buy another one in regular DVD.

  5. I got my DVD today as well as BluRay. I watched the DVD with the family immediately. We were all in awe of the action, the music, the footage, and the proper culmination of a championship season. If you don't have a copy, well.... you are truly missing out. I have not seen anything this good put out for any BYU sport and definately nothing like in USA rugby anywhere, period. Awesome work, and if it gets out like I'm sure it will, expect this team of filmographers and their producer to be getting some calls.

  6. Dude, thanks for the free copy! Do you realize you are at over 600 links now! Oh, and in case you thought my methods were bunk, you are now #2 for BYU Rugby and BYU Men's Rugby on Yahoo and Bing and Google! I hope you have seen increases in traffic.

    Anyway, have you seen the BYU Football DVD they put out? Pretty weak compared to this if you ask me...Ben and Micah should be getting a call from BYU Athletics to make similar videos for all their sports. It would be pretty sweet I think. Not to mention the access they would get to state of the art facilities. You should mention the idea to them, they could approach them.

  7. Sounds good to me, brother... you are obviously an internet guru. 600 links? Who knew? And now Yahoo and Bing can finally claim this blog at #2, as Google did long ago. Haha, thanks for all your help.

    As for Ben and Micah, well... let's just say that I would like to make sure they hold BYU Rugby as their #1 priority over all other sports... :)

  8. Got my copy and loved it. Made me want to get back and involved in the team. Keep up the good work.


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