Thursday, April 16, 2009

Time to get BYU Rugby-ified!

Friends and BYU Rugby fans everywhere,

The USA Rugby Collegiate National Championship is upon us; on the morrow, the BYU Rugby team meets Dartmouth in a rematch of last year's Super 16 game, which BYU took only after much effort, 48-22! To help build the excitement and anticipation of another victory for Our team, I have provided the following media morsels to help get your BYU Rugby blood pumping:

First off, listen to the latest interviews from BYU-TV's Jarom Jordan, featuring commentary by Head Coach David Smyth, Assistant Coach Kimball Kjar, Winger/Fullback Manti Su'a, Prop Mikey Su'a, and Center Tupu Folau.

Second, check out the commentary on the BYU vs. Dartmouth match-up, as well as the other 7 to be played tomorrow, by clicking the following links:

"Cougars to meet Dartmouth Again in Round of 16" (on the BYU Rugby website)
"Round of 16: Atlanta preview"
"Round of 16: Berkeley preview"
"Time to Dance: Collegiate Championships Start This Weekend"

"BYU Bests Dartmouth in Tight Contest" (an article about last year's match)

And last but not least, read some of my previous posts (check the archives in the sidebar); there are video clips, links, and commentary enough to help get you riled for the National Championship and BYU's title aspirations!

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