Friday, April 17, 2009

BYU downs Dartmouth, 26-5!

Well, folks... that's that. The BYU Rugby team just defeated Dartmouth, 26-5, in a match that was merely described as "pretty sloppy." Yeah, I'll say! Whatever Dartmouth was doing must have gotten in Our boys' heads, because BYU doesn't just roll over like that... putting up only 12 points in the first half. But of course, Dartmouth obviously couldn't get it done offensively either... not scoring at all in the second half.

It will be interesting to see what the match reports say about this whole mess. I'll provide any updates I can over the weekend... but for now, congratulations to Our boys on another victory over Dartmouth in the round of 16! Hopefully, tomorrow's match against Arkansas State will be much tighter, cleaner, and more streamlined... we don't need another scare like today's!

Hats off as well to Dartmouth for giving BYU a tougher run than any other college team yet this year! This year's score is much more revealing of the fact than last year's 48-22 difference... (Texas A & M also lost to BYU by 21 early in the season, but team captain Steve St. Pierre told me that they never once worried about losing that one) My respects to the Dartmouth players, coaches, and fans; you obviously run a solid program, worthy of recognition...

Now BYU is set to play a tough Arkansas State team (who just put up a convincing, 50-7 win over Navy) tomorrow in the round of 8... goodness knows I'm holding my breath!

Tighten it up, BYU! Let's see a more resounding victory tomorrow!


  1. Class is in session. Today the BYU Rugby team teaches "How to Overlook an Opponent: 101"

  2. Ha ha, yeah I hate to laugh, but it seems like it went that way...

    Seriously though, I think Dartmouth is just a solid team on all accounts, and though BYU did their best to focus and prepare for them, I think they ran into just a few snags along the way!

    And we still have tomorrow to worry about...

  3. Nobody overlooked anybody. BYU started their second team backs, augmented by Paul Lasike at center and Shaun and Dillon at half-backs. Dartmouth was very well coached, fast, disciplined and believed in themselves. They played the best defense BYU has seen this year. And, one could attribute some of the off performance to after-effects of the killer trip that included a 5 1/2 hour airplane flight followed by a 2 1/2 hour car trip just to get to Atlanta. I expect a better performance tomorrow.

    BTW, Arkansas State looked very fit, fast and skilled against Navy. I expect the best competition yet for this year's BYU Rugby squad.

  4. True...

    If you look at BYU's lineup throughout the match (with only one sub at the half), you will note that several starters were not present in our backline, such as Manti Su'a, Dan Paul, and Tupu Folau.

    But we'll see how today goes... my brother commented that Arkansas State has real strength in their loose 5, especially in 8-man/center Roland Evans. If BYU can shut them down, then they just might control the game.


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