Monday, March 30, 2009

BYU Rugby on BYU Television!

While I have yet to post on this weekend's successes and implications, nevertheless in the meantime, check out the BYU Rugby team in action this past Saturday against the Utah State Aggies (click the following link, and choose "Saturday, March 28, 2009" in the program browser; then scroll down to select "College Rugby" in the 7:30 pm time slot):

BYU vs. Utah St.

And be sure to watch the match sooner rather than later, since it will only be online for 2 weeks!



  1. What a great game! Watch out Cal, it might be this year they fall courtesy of our Cougars

  2. I already watched the durn thing twice all the way through. It's addictive. Unless you've been to a game, you're surprised by the speed of the team.

  3. Quite right... the BYU Rugby team has many strengths, speed obviously being one of them. And remember that a number of these guys are freshmen...

    Cal Berkeley, here we come!!!

  4. My HS rugby team in Illinois has requested a DVD of the footage. Any idea how I could get my hands on this? This great performance matched with great camera angles and instructive commentary would be great for the kids to watch.

  5. My anonymous, fellow Midwesterner,

    A friend has just informed me that he can procure DVD copies of the footage.

    Please contact me directly via the "contact me" button below my profile picture or by emailing to pass on your address and discuss details.

    Glad to hear that you are helping people learn how to play the great sport of rugby!

  6. Here's a link:


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