Sunday, February 22, 2009

Crosstown Rivalry 2009: BYU vs. UVU

Just yesterday, BYU humbled its closest neighbor and crosstown rival, Utah Valley University, by a score of 56-0. The match, although a shutout, was nevertheless hard-fought by the Wolverines who threatened to cross the goal line on multiple occasions but to no avail. Nearly fifteen minutes in, the match remained scoreless as both teams struggled to fully break through the opposition's defense.

In contrast to the first half hour of the game, however, BYU proceeded to methodically punch holes in the UVU line to touch down several times before the final whistle. I wasn't able to stay for the seconds' game, but I saw in the article posted on the BYU Rugby website that it was surely more of a blowout than the first match to the tune of 84 points to none.

I just want to offer my congratulations to the BYU men on a solid win... and my respects to the UVU side who nevertheless deserves recognition for fending off BYU's offensive, if only for the first fifteen minutes (which accomplishment, as mentioned in a previous post, actually distinguishes just how solid and strong a team is when facing off against BYU's seasoned squad).

Remember, my friends, that UVU finished last season with a National Runner-up status,
equivalent to that of BYU, the only difference being that UVU still plays at the Division II level. I was actually a tad anxious to see how Utah's newest 'rugby powerhouse' would perform against BYU, especially given last season's unusually low-scoring and tough match (the final score of which was only 37-3; not exactly a pummeling by BYU's standards!).

But perhaps this shutout win for BYU thus reveals a better coordinated and unified offense as compared to last year. My extra credit goes to the backline for establishing more fluid passing plays by being in the right places at all the right times. And one try in particular truly blew my mind (I'll have to check the game film to verify, but I swear there was one phase in which nearly eight or nine Cougars touched the ball in a non-stop effort that went the entire length of the field)! Talk about a fine display of textbook rugby, man oh man!

(Looks like y'all will only be able to see what I mean by ordering a copy of the BYU Rugby Highlight Video 2009 currently in production!)

So, that's that, folks... I could go on, but the upcoming matches on the BYU Rugby schedule look to be more definitive 'tests' and as such will surely provide even more opportunity for commentary...

Good luck to our boys in the coming weeks as they prepare for their toughest bouts yet this season against the highly-touted Super League squad, the Denver Barbarians, and later, against BYU's most great and worthy opponent, the rival Utes of Utah!

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