Thursday, February 5, 2009

BYU Men's Rugby Highlight Video 2009 Update!

My friends, the plans for the first ever, BYU Rugby highlight video in High Definition are well on their way to becoming a reality...

I recently met again with Ben Thompson and his business partner, Micah Brown, to discuss our needs and plans to make this video a reality. Basically, these guys know what they're doing, so the final product will surely be an amazing tribute to our team! Two cameras will be used to film all home games (and all tournament games if enough people contribute); one camera will capture a broader view of the gameplay from a fixed position whereas the other camera will run the sideline capturing the action up close and personal. Filming will start this Saturday at the first home game against Weber State University!

To get this project started, I have put my money where my mouth is... $350.00 of my personal funds have gone toward the procurement of the necessary materials for the first few games. Yes, this hefty sum means a lot to someone still in college, but I have faith that BYU Rugby fans everywhere would so contribute if they could.

And guess what??? ... You can contribute!

By donating only $20.00, you will not only aid the cause of promoting BYU's greatest sport, but you will also receive a DVD copy of your own!

Simply click the "Donate" button on the sidebar to submit your payment quickly and securely online to our "BYU Rugby Highlight Video 2009" account with PayPal. All donations will be given directly to the film crew for production costs.

(Anyone wishing to receive a Blu-ray copy may contact me by clicking the button beneath my profile picture for more details)

And so we shall create the saga of the BYU Rugby team in glorious HD fashion!


  1. HD rugby... great idea!

    How long will the video be?

    Get me some more info on the project and I'll post something on the Rugby America website to try to get you some more help.

  2. Rugby America,

    Thanks so much for your interest; I'm honored to have you post on my blog.

    We will be shooting approximately 10 to 12 hours of footage, plus an extra 5 hours or so if we raise enough money to film the National Championship matches.

    So, I can't yet say how long the final video will be, but I can guarantee it isn't going to be just a few minutes.

    Ben and Micah will probably take a whole month just to edit all the game film into a compact highlight reel, so go figure...

    I'll be sure to keep you and everyone posted on our progress.


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